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RMM Academy Membership

RMM Academy Membership

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RMM Academy

Every month we will drop a collection of new training videos. So every month you'll have the opportunity to learn new social media skills or fine-tune the ones you're currently using.

Every month there will be 2 LIVE training sessions. They will be posted and pinned to the top of the group at the beginning of every month. Each will end with a session to give you a chance to ask questions.

Each month there will be a FREE content calendar included with the membership. Never wonder what to post ever again.

I will be posting resources that I PERSONALLY USE for my own social media marketing business. If I find a podcast episode that I think is fantastic- I'll post it here. If I read a book that has great insight into marketing- I'll post it here. As I learn so will you.

Everyone in this group is here to learn and likely has something to give. This group is filled with entrepreneurs who are passionate about getting
their products and services out there. Lift each other up.

In the middle of a project and you're stuck? Post the question on our question board pinned to the top of this group page. Either I, myself will help you or a marketing expert moderator will.

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